WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Fiction Vs Fact…Manipulation of the Truth

If you are new to vaping, you may be a little thrown off by all the different ‘facts’ you see on the internet. We all know that fake news is real problem these days. There are companies that are making a killing in producing fake news on a daily basis. Regardless of those companies, we have other groups and news reports coming out about the different ‘facts’ on vaping. It’s hard for anyone to get solid and reliable information on this subject due to all this. Then, on top of it all, you have government officials who really don’t understand vaping themselves, making policies to prohibit or even ban vaping or vaping supplies, based off the same misinformation.
As an industry things can’t be more difficult, to stand up for, defend and educate. We have a war going on. It’s not an easy one either. Here in PA we have the 40% Wholesale tax, California has a 65.08% Wholesale Tax…and it gets worse. Minnesota has a 95% Wholesale Tax!

Here are some of the facts.

We, as an industry, already have started regulating ourselves. From Childproof caps, to warning labels; many in the industry have already made the steps to keep vaping safe and out of the reach of minors. Many companies have CRC Tamper Evident Caps on their eliquids. They have put warnings to keep away from pets and children. They card in store and have a system online to prevent the sales to minors. Manufacturers of eliquids have created their own Good Manufacturing Practices and even built clean rooms to make their eliquids. They have procedures in play, for handling and creating eliquid and eliquid materials. They have tested their eliquids, and they even do their research prior to getting their materials to make sure they are getting a high quality and safe products. This industry is and has been regulated. Granted we can’t say that every company does this, but the good, reliable and trustworthy ones are and have been doing it. If you have any questions regarding your favorite vape shop, don’t be afraid to ask. They will be more than happy to make sure you feel safe and satisfied with their products.

Eliquids only consist of 4 main ingredients. That’s it! Only 4, Vegetable Glycerine, Propylene Glycol, Natural/Artificial Food Grade Flavoring and lastly Nicotine. Vegetable Glycerine is a food grade, non-toxic vaporizing agent. Vg helps produce the cloud of vapor you see after you exhale. You most commonly find it in everyday foods and over-the-counter medications. Propylene Glycol is another food grade, non-toxic vaporizing agent. PG mainly helps with flavor in an eliquid, used as a suspension fluid for flavor concentrates and nicotine. This is commonly found in food products and pharmaceutical products. Although, there are some who have an allergy to PG, so some companies offer different eliquids blends. Most common blends are No PG, 50PG-50VG, and High VG. Food-grade flavoring is just that, common flavors used in everyday foods. These flavorings are used in baking and cooking. The last ingredient is Nicotine. Yes, you may have heard of this one. It’s known as the ‘big bad addiction’ driven chemical most commonly found in cigarettes and cigars prior to the vaping industry. But did you know that most companies offer a 0 milligram nicotine option for their eliquids. Actually majority of companies do! To top it off, nicotine is equivalent to caffeine in how our bodies handle it. While chronic caffeine consumption can make a person jittery, no major health organization is rallying for stronger FDA regulations on coffee. Nonetheless, government agencies continue to target e-cigs because the majority of the public perceives nicotine and tobacco as one and the same. As supporters of tobacco harm reduction, we must expound the possible virtues of nicotine and let everyone know how smoking tobacco drastically differs from vaping nicotine solution.

‘I’ve heard stories that they explode!’ Yes, we have all pretty much heard these stories. I saw it on the news, or I read it on Facebook….(which isn’t a great source for factual information). The truth of the matter is yes, it can happen, but only if the user is using their equipment incorrectly! It all comes down to user-error. Whether it be from improper storage/usage of the batteries or just someone putting too much power into a device that can’t support it; it all comes down to following directions. As long as you read your user manuals, follow directions on battery handling and properly store and take care of your products you will be safe. It’s just a sense of making sure you get the information and follow it. It’s that simple. Just practice safety at all times and you’ll be good to go.

The big thing you should take away from this article is don’t always trust what you read online. Sometimes, the ‘facts’ may just be fiction. Ask professionals in the industry. Take the time to ask your local vape shop owner, or anyone in an advocacy group about the real facts, like our owners! They keep up with the latest policies, regulations, and they are constantly researching into their products. Our employees are also knowledgeable with proper maintenance and storage of products and eliquids. If you have any questions we will be more than happy to answer them!