WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Basic Elements of a Vaporizer


Types of Vaporizers on the Market Today:

Cig-a-likes: These are the little cigarette-like vaporizers which aim to closely mimic the experience of a real cigarette. There are 3-part types and 2-part types. Both feature a battery which is usually mimicking the tobacco-filled part of a cigarette. The 3-part types have a separate external heating element which requires a cartridge full of liquid to be attached to it. The 2-part types utilize a combined atomizer and cartomizer. Cig-a-likes usually have a weaker performance due to size constrictions and many of the cartridges/cartomizers aren’t refillable but they’re as close to a cigarette as you can get.

eGo/Pen Style Types: This by far the most popular beginner-type of vaporizer on the market. The eGo-types are named after the first larger vaporizer Joyetech (a major, pioneering company) brought out in 2010. The earlier versions utilize a cartomizer or a separate atomizer cone and cartridges but this time screwed into a bigger battery. With their bigger capacity for liquids and prolonged battery life, eGo-styles quickly became a hit. One of their most loved features is the ability to be re-filled with any type of flavor you can find. (We suggest using a 50PG/50VG Blend with these.) With so many flavors out there, the amount of possibilities you can try is just mind blowing. Nowadays, eGo-types come with clearomizers – a cartomizer built with a clear plastic or glass tube that lets you monitor the level of eliquid available.

MODS: People often start with cig-a-likes and gradually evolve to using mods. A Mod is an advanced vaporizer. Short for ‘modification’ and originally used to describe custom builds. Today a Mod can refer to any vaping device that is not a cig-a-like and is available in a variety of builds. A majority of mods allow you to modify the settings like wattage, voltage, temperature control and other functions. Nowadays, mods come in a variety of different styles and costs.