WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

The Vaping Industry vs. Big Tobacco

You may have heard someone arguing over whether or not vaping is just as bad as tobacco, or that they are one and the same. There is a HUGE DIFFERENCE! The Vaping Industry is NOT associated with Big Tobacco. Plain and simple.

Now, there are a few products that Big Tobacco has released that relate to the vaping industry but it’s nothing advanced by any means. You’ve most likely have seen these products before. They usually can be spotted in gas stations and small convenience stores where they keep their tobacco products.  Blu, Vuse and the MarkTen are just some of the many brands in the market today. These particular products were created to mimic the sensation of smoking a regular analog cigarette. They are designed to look and feel similar to smoking. (Granted, there are many smokers who would argue that it just makes the craving worse.) Blu and Vuse are owned by R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company, the producers of Camel and Newport Cigarettes. The MarkTen is owned by Phillip Morris, the producers of Marlboro Cigarettes. These are just a few of the e-cigarettes (otherwise known as ‘cig-alikes’) on the market today. These products are relatively cheap, and easy for any first-time ‘vaper’ to use and maintain. They usually consist of a disposable (one-time use) cartridge, a small battery that the cartridge screws on to and some form to charge that battery. Some use a normal USB cable, some have clever little boxes you just plug the battery in and leave to charge. And of course they are well marketed and cleverly designed, these companies have the money to spend on it!

With that being said,  Big Tobacco saw an opportunity to make up some money, since smoking rates have declined from nearly 21 of every 100 adults (20.9%) in 2005 to about 15 of every 100 adults (15.1%) in 2015 according to the CDC. So Big Tobacco took the opportunity of this new ‘fad’ of vaping and created their own forms of e-cigarettes. This is where the argument comes into play. Since these products are seen more readily by the everyday consumer, with marketing materials in gas stations and convenience stores, and is set apart with Tobacco products, the vaping industry as a whole has taken the rap for it. Most vaping equipment and products are usually sold in vape shops or smoke shops. Granted, a lot of the products sold in smoke shops are usually low end, cheaper and less reliable products. And due to this, the everyday consumer, who may not even smoke or vape, sees vaping as a tobacco product. That vaping is related to big tobacco. The misconception of this industry needs to change.

Not that the vaping industry hasn’t been trying. There has been many advocacy groups and organizations working to promote vaping’s image and help educate legislators and the public about vaping. They work hard to try and promote to the positive impact that vaping can offer. Even small vape shops, like Sabor Vapors, write blogs or create informational pamphlets to help spread the word and educate the public. Everyone here at Sabor Vapors, even when not on the clock, take the time to educate and inform. We don’t do it because it’s our job, we do it because we love what we do.

Vaping is not the bad guy in this situation. We just ended up being seen as working for big tobacco. And that is just not the case. Vaping is a new innovative product, with many options available for anyone. The vaping industry is made up of mostly small shops, small business owners not necessarily looking to make a quick buck (although there are a few out there) who started their business to help people. To help those who wanted to make the switch. To help those who needed more information about products and eliquids etc. Some of these shops didn’t have investors or backers. They funded their shops with money right out of their pockets and a dream in their hearts. These people just want to make life better for people, easier, happier. These people, these shops, and the vaping industry are unique in that we want to help. Most of the people in the industry aren’t necessarily looking to get rich. They just want to help people.

So the next time you hear someone say that vaping is just big tobacco, We hope you’ll take the time to set them straight Or send them this article. Help re-create a positive image for the vaping industry. Most likely, your an avid vaper (you are on our website after all) and all it takes is a few minutes. Share this on your social media, or talk with your friends or family who have a negative outlook on vaping. This is the time we stand together!. No longer will we be pushed around by bullies. It’s time the little guy makes a stand! VAPERS UNITE!