WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Wintertime Vaping Tips

The leaves have fallen, temperatures are dropping, and the snow has already started! Winter has this magical feeling when everything is covered in a layer of snow, but there is also the problems that come with winter as well. For vapers, this time of year can be particularly difficult. We’ll go over the biggest tips to keep in mind when vaping this winter, so bundle up and get ready for some cold hard facts!

Batteries & Cold Temperatures

In winter, the temperature outside can get to be quite chilly, to say the least. Believe it or not the cold can have a big impact on the life of any battery. If you have ever tried using your phone outside during the winter, you may have noticed that your battery doesn’t last as long as it would during the summer. Well, this is the same for vape batteries. To sum it up, there is a chemical reaction in the battery that creates the power used to run your devices. But when it’s colder outside (especially when the temperature falls below 32°F), this reaction becomes less efficient making your battery work harder to power your devices. Your battery will not last you as long as it would during warming temperatures. You’ll notice you will have to swap out batteries more frequently. The main point to take away from this: Keep your devices and batteries out of the cold as much as you can so you can make your batteries last. Batteries will perform their best at room temperature. (Read more here.)

Never charge your batteries if they are cold. Wait to let them come back to room temperature before putting them on your charger. This can be particularly harsh on your batteries and can cut down the lifespan of your batteries and can cause permanent damage. This comes back to the reactions that take place inside that battery that we talked about in the last paragraph. (Read more here.)

Stay Away from Metal Drip Tips

This should be pretty obvious as to why you shouldn’t. Just picture going outside and licking a metal pole…your tongue will get stuck under the right conditions. Same can be applied to a vapers lips on a metal drip tip. Best advice, switch to an acrylic or silicone drip tip. You can also keep some lip balm on you if you don’t want to swap out your metal tip. Not only will you protect your lips from some serious pain, but you can keep them nice and soft during the dry winter months.

Keep Yourself and Your Devices Warm

When you go outside, bundle up. Keep yourself warm this winter! By grabbing your favorite winter coat, you can tuck your vape in an internal pocket (AFTER COMPLETELY SHUTTING IT OFF OR LOCKING IT) and keep it nice & warm as well. This can help prevent all of the difficulties that we mention in this post. You can also buy a nifty little carrying case for your devices to keep them warm. There is a huge selection of different types of carrying cases that are made to keep devices dry and warm.

Leaky Tanks/Thicker Eliquids

Tanks (whether it’s a single, dual or sub-ohm tank) have rubber O-Rings or gaskets that help keep everything in place. During the colder months, these O-Rings/Gaskets can shrink in the cold. Making it possible that your tanks may leak if left unattended for long periods of time in the cold. Be sure to keep your devices warm to prevent this.  Your tank can also leak if you have your device outside for a prolonged period of time and bring it into a warm environment.

Your eliquids will tend to thicken up if outside in the cold for too long. This can also attribute to a leaky tank. The colder the eliquid the thicker it will become and the harder it is for your coils to absorb your eliquid. This can be harder for devices to run optimally. It could cause your coils to burn out quicker and make your tanks heat up faster than normal resulting in your tank to leak. Be sure to keep both your devices, batteries and eliquids warm while outside.

Here is a youtube video that shows some easy solutions to help leaky sub-ohm tanks. These are the typical reasons why a sub-ohm tank would leak.

Vapes and Moisture

Along with the colder temperature, the winter months also brings with it snow, sleet, and rain. Moisture can be problematic for vapes. Especially if they are not water resistant. So keep in mind whether it’s raining or snowing to make sure your vape doesn’t get too wet. Treat your vape as you would your cell phone. Tuck it into your purse or pocket before heading out into wet weather. (AGAIN INSURING THAT IT IS COMPLETELY SHUT OFF PRIOR) If your device does get wet, don’t use it until it is completely dried out. One commonly used trick is just placing your device (battery/tank free) in a bag of dry rice. Let it sit for as long as needed until you know it’s completely dried out before use.

Avoid Spreading Sickness

It seems to be more prominent in the winter months, but the flu and other illnesses seem to be flying around the office like a hot potato. To avoid helping spread bacteria and viruses, try not to share your vape with others. If you really need their feedback on your newest flavor, ask them to use their drip tip on your device. It’s better to get a present for the holidays rather than the flu. The CDC has some really helpful tips on how to take action against the flu.

Try Some New Winter Flavors

Even though the winter months can give vapers a few issues, these problems are easy to deal with. Plus, this time of the year offers a great opportunity to try some new winter flavors! We have a few suggestions if you are looking to switch it up!

Peppermint – Just like your favorite minty round candy!

Gingerbread Cookie – A warm and luscious flavor that’s just perfect during the winter!

Creme Bruha – A warm and cinnamon creme brûlée flavor.

Mocha – A delicious mocha flavor so good it’ll knock your socks off!

Blueberry Cobbler – A smooth blueberry dessert that is perfect during the holidays.

Firecracker – This will definitely warm you up in the cooler temperatures.

Elderberry – A sweet and tart flavor that only makes you smile.

Teaberry – Just like the ice cream! Makes for a great vape right after dinner.

Toffee Cream – Yeah, it’s toffee and cream.

Fudge Brownie – Well, it can’t be any more clear what this is…

Whoopie – A warm, soft & alluring creamy fruit dip of strawberries, blueberries with whipped vanilla heavenly goodness!

Bourbon – An orange cream ginger beer with a splash of a bold bourbon chaser!

Charlatan – A soft, warm & fresh baked sugary coated donut oozing with thick raspberry filling.

Bark– A full-bodied mocha mint dessert truffled with a rich brown sugar and toffee cream.

Strawberry Brûlée – A decadent mouthwatering creme brûlée infused with sweet strawberries.