Basic Elements of a Vaporizer


Types of Vaporizers on the Market Today: Cig-a-likes: These are the little cigarette-like vaporizers which aim to closely mimic the experience of a real cigarette. There are 3-part types and 2-part types. Both feature a battery which is usually mimicking the tobacco-filled part of a cigarette. The 3-part types have a separate external heating element

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Battery Safety


We wanted to take some time just to go over basic battery safety. In one of our past articles, we touched base a little on battery safety and thought this was important issue to inform new or unfamiliar users. If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to comment below or email us

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Zamplebox Reviews

Zamplbox has reviewed our Funnel Cake Eliquid and Sabor Vapors as a whole. We couldn’t be more proud! Check out the video to see what they had to say.         This video was from a year ago, but we thought we’d share this one too. They review our Pricky Pear in this

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New to Vaping?


Vaping…some may believe that this industry was just a new trend that has sprung up over night. Well, that’s false. Vaping has been around for many years, as far as five decades ago (1960s to be exact). Although, it’s nothing compared to what we have available today. They were more of a tabletop kind, not

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