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Citrus Mint:  has the taste of sunshine and briskness in every pouch! sweet flavors of oranges, limes and lemons are mixed with a hint of refreshing, brisk mint!

Ice Mint: has an extreme, icy cool mint flavor. We’ve taken the clean, crisp flavor of pure mint to the extreme and added bit of sweetness to create a mint flavor that’s brisk and refreshing!

Wintergreen: the taste of traditional Wintergreen on a whole new level! The clean, refreshing taste is perfectly mixed with a light sweetness and slight tingle in the lip.

Dragonfruit: an exotic fruit popular in Asia! Watermelon, sweet red berries and a hint of Cotton Candy flavors mix to create a one-of-a-kind taste that is truly unique!


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The altid family of tobacco-less, spit-less nicotine pouches have been designed to be used as an alternate to other Nicotine products when discretion is key. altid is unique in the fact that you can control the speed in which the nicotine is released with a few, light chews on the pouch, anytime you feel the need for an added boost! altid can be used whenever and wherever you are!

These pouches are very small and hard to notice, even when you know what to look for! As the world continues to limit where you can Vape, Smoke or Dip, altid is the perfect solution. Airports, Planes, Trains, Buses, Uber and rental cards have bans on Smoking and Vaping. College campuses, beaches, sporting venues, theme parks and other public gathering places also ban Vaping and Smoking along with Dipping and the list continues to grow! As you learned in school, chewing gum during any kind of speaking engagement is frowned upon and unprofessional. altid can be used to replace gum and dip in these cases and there’s no need to carry around a spit bottle which is unsightly.

Reasons to use altid:

• Since altid only contains nicotine crystals, there is no need to carry a spit bottle

• Only the highest quality, food grade, flavorings are used

• Very discreet • Can be used anytime, anywhere other forms of tobacco are banned

• altid come in three strengths to choose from. Try all 3 and find the strength that’s right for you

• No dyes or plant matter are in the manufacture of altit

• Each altid pouch last up to 60 minutes or more, some say the flavor lasts even longer

How to use altid pouch:

While we strongly advise following the usage instructions on the package, accidental digestion should cause no risk to health. 1) Insert one pouch under the upper lip to release nicotine and flavor. 2) Nicotine is released steadily up to 60 minutes. 3) When finished, take out and toss in nearest trash receptacle. Or, place used pouch into the Catch Compartment located on the other side of the pack.

Nicotine Levels:

Level 1: Our lowest nicotine strength. Perfect for the occasional smoker or dipper or Vape low nicotine juices.

Level 2: Medium nicotine strength. For those that smoke or dip on a regular basis as well as the Vaper that uses juices with a higher nicotine strength.

Level 3: Our highest nicotine strength! Great for the smoker,dipper or Vaper who wants the maximum amount of nicotine!

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Citrus Punch, Ice Mint, Dragonfruit, Wintergreen,

Nicotine Level

Level 1, Level 2, Level 3


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