Authentic Double Vision RDA by CompVape

$60.00 $50.00


Authentic Double Vision RDA by CompVape

$60.00 $50.00

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Authentic Double Vision RDA by CompVape

Compvape is the most consistent homerun hitter in the saturated RDA market; the El Cabron, 13 Heavens 9 Hells, and Twisted Messes RDAs were all bestselling competitive RDAs with performance and stylistic touches that set them on a higher level than the competition.

Now arrives the Double Vision, a 2 post RDA that ships with a spare deck and opens the door to unreal competitive coil builds. The identically-sized posit and negative posts feature absolutely gigantic, 4mm ovular coil holes to give you new freedom to build wild designs. A 6mm juice well and ample room around the milled negative and offset and squared posit post allow for more extremity, and with a 3mm squatter vaping chamber than earlier Compvape designs, the Double Vision is ready for cloud density like none other.

The Vision’s included extra identical deck opens up a ton of opportunities for competitive vapers. The twin decks allow builders to test different coils, wraps, and configurations without extra variables to worry about. Figure out for certain which build is best for your vape!
The decks are also compatible with other Compvape offerings such as the Twisted Messes and El Cabron, so if you’re a Compvape aficionado, the Double Vision adds a two post super deck to your RDA arsenal.

Includes 2 identical 2-post decks
Includes Black AFC ring and Red AFC ring
4mm post holes
6mm juice well
Brass silver plated posit post
Authentic and serialized
510 threaded
Laser Engraved
Full AFC
304 Stainless Steel construction

Weight .106 kg


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